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What you should know when going to Vegas?

Book a hotel

You should always think about you and your family. You have to sleep somewhere and we all know that Las Vegas is a place visited by millions of tourists each day. Do not leave this on last day – you won’t find a room or you will have to spend 100’s of dollar minimum. ( check top 10 hotels in LV )

Save some money with free chips

Chips are like money. You have to exchange them in order to play in casino. This is why you have to use online generators and generate them for free. You can get myvegas chips for free and use your credit or debit card to get them online. It is easy and safe to do – do not worry about hacking your account. They are 256 SSL certified myvegas partner. Later on you can spend those chips on things you or your family like. Be your hero!

Visit many casinos

The worst thing which people are doing in Las Vegas is staying in only one casino. Casinos are like museums – you have to check as many as possible. Each of them is different and offers other kind of activities. There are casinos for VIP people, old guys, families or stip club-type clubs. Choose your own and remember to spend 10% each – not more than that. You have to buy yourself a memories not just spend money and regret that till the end of your life

Use Credit Cards / Debit Cards – not cash

There are many thiefts in LV. Do not have a lot of money in your pocket. It is better and more secure to use Credit/Debit Cards – if you will loose or someone will steal your card you can call your bank and lock this. There are many banks ( also open during the night ) which will be more than happy to give you INSTANTLY new card. They know that they will get a lot of profit from guy like you so they can’t allow you to stay without any cash. LV is a place where you have be once a lifetime.

Visit near villages

Most of the people travel to Vegas and stay there during the whole day/week/2weeks. It is a mistake. State of Vegas offers people other fun activities – you can visit their official website to check what is available today: